2018 News for Annual Party
Time:2018/02/06 read:1447times

As the time flying away, the years shuttling again, Coming to us in the expected 2018. Y2017 Radiate annual part is held on Jan.25. All staff have a joyous gathering in restaurant. We are very honored to be invited to the company's shareholders and directors, as well as a lot of closed partners to deepened the exchange and cooperation for each others.

The General manager Steven Zhu made an important speech for us at the company annual party, it summarizes the course of the company's development, the accumulated experience and the results obtained. At the same time, it also looks forward to the focus and direction of the company's development in 2018, major in four sections to realize the development of company, meanwhile it’s pointed out that the biggest goal of the company in 2018 is to make a profit.

A fighting spirit soars aloft for Steven Zhu speech. We firmly believe that under the leadership of Steven Zhu, we will work hard together to create a more glorious and resplendent Radiate.

The next party show is wonderful. Its A magnificent modern dance A gentle Mongolia song、Tearful poetry、So pretty and charming belly dance、An elegant Male Solo,and funny stuff、doll dance and so on a riot of coloursThe show was interspersed with an exciting draw,Six prize、five prize、four prize,after then, we got a surprise for a lot of gifts to all stuffThe extraction of the third, second and first prizes pushed the scene atmosphere to another wave of climax. The party not only brought laughter and joy to everyone, but also brought the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. The whole party was full of high tide, showing the joy and harmony of Radiate electronic family.




The glorious 2017 has passed,Y2018 of the full of hope and challenge is coming.In the past year we have been smiling, hard, and reap,In the face of 2018, we are take full vision and passion, let us work together to create a beautiful tomorrow for Radiate.

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